Intelligent transport systems

Intelligent transport systems

Economic, social and environmental needs of society lead to active development of intelligent transport systems in recent years. Implemented innovative solutions in the field of ITS can already be seen by the increase of  economic and social efficiency of freight and passenger transportation.

During the International Forum KAZAN DIGITAL WEEK – 2020 leading Russian and foreign experts, scientists and engineers in the field of development of transport systems will discuss promising areas of research and share their experience in ITS components and applications developing for advanced mobility.

We present the topics of the International Forum KAZAN DIGITAL WEEK – 2020 in the field of ITS:

Traffic management and safety systems


Providing ITS

Connected and automated mobility

Intelligent data processing systems

Education in ITS

The upcoming KAZAN DIGITAL WEEK 2021 Forum webinar will take place on June 4, 2021. It will focus on the key topic "ITS as a tool for digital mobility".

Participation is free of charge.

The speed and accessibility of travelling, its safety and comfort of mobility - one of the key needs of modern society. Transport automation will help to solve existing problems and provide a high level of mobility for various user groups.

Intelligent transport systems are designed to ensure the integration of modern information and communication technologies and products, created on their base with the transport infrastructure.

The webinar is aimed to introduce participants with the modern state and prospects of the intelligent transport systems developing, scientific, technical and commercial solutions of leading developers and distributors, public and private economy ITS sectors innovative results.

The webinar programme will be devoted to the most effective intelligent transport systems using in the modern cities for the full-fledged digital mobility.

Moderator\speaker: Rifkat Minnikhanov, Council Chairman of the Association of Digital Development of the Republic of Tatarstan, Director of the «Road Safety» State Company, PHD.


  1. Jacob Bangsgaard - CEO ERTICO-ITS Europe;

  2. Ralf-Peter Schäfer, - Vice President of TomTom Traffic Information;

  3. Sultan Zhankaziev - Head of department “Road traffic management and safety” MOSCOW AUTOMOBILE AND ROAD CONSTRUCTION STATE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (MADI), PHD, Professor;

  4. Marsel Nigmetzyanov, CEO of Kazan-Telematics LLC;

  5. Prokhorov Andrey - Deputy General Director of SIMETRA;

  6. Seleznev Fedor - Head of the InnoSTage Group of Companies Department.