The third Industry Championship on Worldskills standards in the field of information technologies DigitalSkills 2021 has started in Kazan

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The third Industry Championship on Worldskills standards in the field of information technologies DigitalSkills 2021 has started in Kazan
On September 21, the Kazan EXPO IEC hosted the opening ceremony of the III Worldskills Industry Championship in the field of information technologies DigitalSkills 2021.

Opening the championship, the Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation Maksut Shadaev noted that within the framework of the championship, those competencies are being tested in practice, which will later form the basis of professional standards, requirements and training programs of educational institutions. "The number of competencies in 2021 has grown to 35, from traditional – graphic designer – to digital agriculture, digital fashion designer. These are really the professions of the future. It is clear from the competitive tasks that the competitions will be difficult and ambitious. For the participants of Digital Skills, this is an opportunity to show themselves, not only in competitions, but also to future employers – this is a very cool networking," the minister stressed.

According to the President of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov, a lot of attention is paid to digitalization in the republic. "Digitalization is primarily about people, it's about personnel. You can build everything, but you need to prepare people for this. We have a whole program for this, the system is working, and we sincerely welcome all representatives of today's championship, " he said.

About 300 contestants from 29 cities of Russia compete in professional skills in 35 competencies in the field of digital and information technologies. A significant part of the competencies of the championship is the Future Skills block – it includes competencies based on new technologies and cross-competencies that arise during the transformation of traditional industries under the influence of digital technologies. As part of the business program integrated into the agenda of the Kazan Digital Week international forum, Worldskills certified experts present programs on promising IT competencies within the framework of the "Employment Promotion" project of the national project "Demography". These programs have been modernized in order to effectively bring people to the labor market both as self-employed and as employees. Some of the training programs were not only updated, but also created from scratch.

On the sidelines of the Worldskills championship, Russia will demonstrate a structural approach to forming the image of a specialist and analyzing his skills, as well as remote and distributed formats for conducting competitions and training. During the discussion, digital solutions for conducting online training in flying robotics will be presented on the example of the competence "Operation of unmanned aircraft systems", features of the implementation of skills camps in a remote-full-time format and their subsequent transformation into a cross-training program on the example of the competence "Space Systems Engineering", as well as digital practices for business, training and evaluation.

Google Russia will share its experience in creating an online professional certification course "Google IT Support", the online university "Netology" will tell about its educational programs for training IT personnel in the field of the most popular Internet professions.

The Future Skills Team Challenge is also held within the framework of the championship – a competition of a new format: participants work in teams to create complex technological products and receive a detailed assessment of their skills – technological, communicative and cognitive, entrepreneurial. Two new formats-Digital capabilities for business FS team challenge and AR / VR FS Team Challenge-allow us to develop a methodology for evaluating and supporting teamwork, which in the future will be able to use universities and colleges.

The closing ceremony and awarding of Digital Skills 2021 will be held on September 24.