Digital technologies in agriculture

Digital technologies in agriculture
Digital technologies in the agriculture
Exchange of experience in the formation of industry platforms for the development and digitalization of the agro-industrial complex in the regions
Experience in overcoming scientific, technical, organizational and legal problems of digitalization of agricultural segments, formation and use of data, corporate information and computing resources.

Developments and practical results of the use by regional agricultural complexes of systems of geoinformation monitoring of agro-industrial production, intelligent robotic tools, decision-making systems based on big data.

Exchange of experience in staffing the agro-industrial complex with specialists with digital competencies.

Methods and training programs focused on the agricultural sector of the economy. Experience in the operation of training centers with the involvement of teachers, equipment, digital tools and computing resources of educational private companies.
Ready-to-scale practices for creating and operating robotic platforms and complexes in animal husbandry, crop farming in closed soils and phytotron ecosystems with the use of artificial intelligence technologies.